City Blog Report, 02/05/17

Brian Loughmiller, the Mayor of McKinney, will be running in a contested election for the first time in eight years. George Fuller, and McKinney City Councilman Randy Pogue, have made clear their intentions to run for Mayor.


Brian Loughmiller has been the Mayor of McKinney since 2009

A new aquatic and fitness center will open up to the public on March, 1st. With a 36 million dollar budget, covered by both sales tax and the city, would pay for itself in three years, according to Mayor Loughmiller. The facility will be located on the West side of McKinney.

Construction seems to not have an end in sight all over Texas, and McKinney is no different. The downtown area has recently lost 350 parking spaces due to new construction projects that began at the end of January. The project has a projected time-frame of 12 to 18 months. City Officials are still working on alleviating the issue.

A McKinney resident has been sentenced to life in prison earlier this month for the alleged murder of his wife in the parking lot of a Dollar General on McDonald street, which took place almost two years ago. James Otis Jones, 46, had apparently premeditated intentions, surely a cause for the judge’s strict sentence. Jones was sentenced to life in prison with a $10,000 fine.


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