Reader’s Guide To Your Representative In Congress, Samuel Robert Johnson

Samuel Robert Johnson


86 Years-old

Served in Congress since 1991 (25 years)

3rd Congressional District of Texas (includes Collin County)

Sam Johnson sits on the following committees:

House Committee on Ways and Means
Chairman, Subcommittee on Social Security
Member, Subcommittee on Health
Joint Committee on Taxation

Top 3 contributors, entire career:

National Auto Dealers Assn   $116,500 

American Bankers Assn         $111,383

National Assn of Realtors      $100,750

Top 3 contributors, 2016:

Raytheon Co                               $15,000

National Assn of Realtors      $14,500

Lockheed Martin                       $14,000


An interesting point to note is Sam Johnson’s support of Bill H.R.3808 – which “directs the Federal Housing Finance Agency to withdraw its proposed rule entitled “Members of Federal Home Loan Banks.”” This rule mandated that FHLBank members would have to “maintain ongoing minimum levels of investment in specified residential mortgage assets as a condition of remaining eligible for membership.” Coincidentally, or perhaps not so, the American Bankers Association, who collectively have donated over $100,000 to Sam Johnson, is an FHLBank member.

H.R.354, otherwise known as the Defund Planned Parenthood Act of 2017, proposes to not mandate any federal funds to any purpose of Planned Parenthood Federation of America Inc. As might be expected, this proposed piece of legislation has come under fire from many critics. Sam Johnson is a well-known opponent of abortion, and supports this act, which was introduced in house 01/06/17.

H.R.377, the Muslim Brotherhood Terrorist Designation Act of 2017, also came under fire, which was supported by Sam Johnson. Introduced on 01/09/17, it aims to label the Muslim Brotherhood as a terrorist organization.

H.R.400, the Stop Dangerous Sanctuary Cities Act, is also supported by Sam Johnson. Introduced 01/10/17, the bill “prohibits a sanctuary jurisdiction from receiving grants under certain Economic Development Assistance Programs and the Community Development Block Grant Program.”


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