My name is Alexander Willis, I’m a senior at the University of North Texas studying journalism and history. I was born in Fallbrook, California. My father was in the United States Navy for 20 years, so I never lived in one area for long. Soon after I was born, my father was stationed in Guantanamo Bay, and my older brother and I (and my mother) moved there with him. After a year, we moved to Rota, Spain, where we remained for five years. We moved back to California, this time settling in Temecula, Ca, where we stayed for another few years. And finally, we moved to McKinney, Texas, where I remained until moving to Denton by myself.

What I’d like to do one day is to write for a video game publication. While certainly not the watchdogs of mankind, it’s an industry I’m very interested in, and one that’s growing exponentially. I would also enjoy joining a Japanese developer’s localization team, where I could aid in the translation and writing efforts.

My interests also lie in animation – I’ve some experience in Adobe Flash, and have a few animations up already on my YouTube Channel. I also enjoy shooting and editing video, and have a lot of experience with Final Cut Pro, and moderate experience with Adobe Premiere and Sony Vegas. Currently I’m learning about still photography while also learning Photoshop.